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QFT Frequency Domain Control Design Toolbox v2.0

QFT Toolbox v2.0 supports MATLAB 5.3 to 7.x features.

  • LTI object support
  • Improved user interfaces

Never has it been easier to apply the QFT design methodology.

The QFT Toolbox v2.0 is now available!

The toolbox now has:

  • Support for LTI objects.
    • All routines accepting numerator/denominator combinations can now accept arrays of LTI objects.
  • Improved user interfaces for loop and pre-filter shaping.
    • Fewer dialog windows
    • Improved mouse over feature options
    • Easier printing
  • Direct support from the authors of the toolbox

Consolidated control panel eliminates all those annoying dialog windows from v1.0

Here are screen captures of some of the user interface features:

QFT interface

Improved mouse over features allow for immediate recognition of dragging mode

recognition of dragging

New discretization feature allows for comparison of continuous-time and discrete-time solutions

discretize feature