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QFT Frequency Domain Control Design Toolbox - Features

This Toolbox facilitates computing QFT bounds, nominal loop and prefilter shaping, and performance validation in continuous and direct z-domain systems. The following key features of the toolbox support the use of QFT design methods:

  • Eleven toolbox functions efficiently compute appropriate QFT frequency domain bounds for a given uncertain plant and performance specifications.
  • An extensive GUI enables semi-automatic shaping of a nominal loop function to satisfy QFT bounds. Functions are provided to compute addition, multiplication, and closed-loop response of uncertain transfer function of sets in complex, num/den, and LTI formats. Mouse-driven classical loop shaping and other useful utility functions are also provided.
  • The design of single-loop feedback systems is fully supported for both continuous time and discrete time. Detailed examples illustrate cascaded and multiloop problems.
  • Plant uncertainty can be defined using parametric models (such as transfer functions), nonparametric models (such as unstructured uncertainty or measured frequency response sets), or a combination of both. Detailed examples are provided for each of these types of systems.