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QFT Toolbox Resources

Welcome to the QFT Toolbox Resources Site.

Here you will find links to support and Frequently Asked Questions. In time, this will also be the location to download toolbox updates. This site will constantly change. So, please, if you have any, send your comments through the Support link.

Thank you.

Terasoft, Inc.

QFT Setup Program (password protected)

Documentation (PDF File, right-click to download)

Additional Setup Instructions for MIMO QFT:
This is only for MATLAB versions prior to 2004 (R14): If you desire to investigate MIMO QFT design procedures, please copy abs.m from your <qft install> /qft2/qft/ installation directory to <matlab> /toolbox/control/control/@frd. This will overload the abs function for the FRD LTI object, unaffecting your present MATLAB installation. After R14, just delete the above abs.m file in the qft directory.

This file also fixes a problem discovered when passing an FRD object to lpshpdef. (right-click, save target as..., replace older lpshpdef.m in /qft/qft/)